At Seaford & Chace, our team is dedicated to transforming your home into the inviting and effortlessly elevated experience it's meant to be. Rather than just decorate, we strategically align the elements of the space to create a chic, impactful first impression. Throughout our meticulous design process we cast each home into a modern and balanced environment designed for maximum appeal to your ideal homeowners and buyers.


We view ourselves as partners with our clients, delivering a smartly designed custom home through resourceful, timely and cost effective services. Whether it be one room or your entire property, Seaford & Chace prides itself on delivering the highest quality experience and result to every client.




Sophie Chace

Megan Seaford




Megan is a client and vendor expert with nearly a decade of business-relations experience in Orange County. Highly proficient in talent acquisition and management, Megan provides unmatched success in maintaining positive relationships with our vendors in order to coordinate the most efficient design process possible for your project.  


With a long-lived passion for interior design, she has worked as a freelance interior design consultant for the past three years. In her time spent designing she has mastered the trade and craft of our work, bringing an organically California feel to our clients' homes.

Sophie is a diversely talented artist and designer who studied graphic design and fine art at Chapman University, eventually earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. She has been a professional photographer since 2014, with work featured in numerous literary and art magazines, as well as shows across the country including an artist-coordinated exhibition for Satellite Art Fair as part of 2018’s Miami Art Week.


Sophie’s knowledge of art history coupled with her time spent in gallery and museum settings informs her design decisions and results in clean, modern, and efficient designs walking the line between minimal home and personal gallery.